How to Safely Hack Pokemon Go GPS in 2020?

iTeleporter discontinued, now a participant in Double Location affiliate program.

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Latest Status of Tweaked iOS Game Apps of Pokemon Go


The Safest & Easiest iOS 13 GPS Spoofer for Pokemon Go in Oct 2019

iTeleporter is an iOS system-level GPS modifier. Since it's an ingenious certified hardware solution, 100% no jailbreak, no computer, or no tweaked app needed at any time. It will never be detected by Niantic to ensure the highest safety level of iOS GPS spoofing.

Video Guide - How to Safely Hack Pokemon Go GPS in iOS 13?


How Does iTeleporter Devices Work?

Step 1: Plug iTeleporter wired series (iTeleporter Pro, for example) in your iPhone Lightning port or connect iTeleporter BT wirelelssly via iPhone Bluetooth.


Step 2: Open our free companion iOS GPS spoofing app (download link is only provided to iTeleporter device owners) to activate 4 modes below for all iOS apps simultaneously:

    1. Lock GPS at a specific location.

    2. Mock movement of walking, biking, or driving with automatic routes from Google Maps.

    3. In-game directional motion control movement by tilting your iOS device.

    4. Built-in external joysticks from other devices (Any Android/iOS smartphones, tablets, and Windows/Mac computers) under the same WiFi.



    Best Practice for GPS-based Location Games

    (Pokemon Go / Ingress / Wizards Unite / etc.)

      1. Please set the location you want to go BEFORE you open the game app. After you open the game, please DO NOT teleport any unrealistic long distances. After you enter the game, it is recommended to use Motion or Joystick to move, which can simulate the authentic movement.

      2. When you want to teleport between two points that are far from each other (e.g. two regions, two cities, even two countries), please completely exit the game first, lock to a different position, and go back to the game again after the cool-down time of your game as shown below.

      3. When you are using the Motion, if you want to stop somewhere to collect/check/battle, you could simply turn over your iPhone to pause or rerun the Motion. When you want to use Virtual Joystick, you must make sure the two devices are under a same WiFi. You could get access to the joystick controller by visiting the IP address shown in the "About" tab from the browser of another phone, tablet, or PC.

      4. Locate Pokemon With Online Trackers: Don't have time to locate where a specific Pokemon might show up on the map? Utilize free online trackers to keep an eye on the surrounding area and know the status of gyms, raids, and other events appearing around you. Our top recommendation for such a website is The Silph Road, Pokemon Go Map, followed by PokeHuntr, but you can also find your own options by searching with your favorite search engine.


      Best Practice for Real-time Location Tracking apps

      (Find Friends / Life360 / GeoZilla / Find iPhone / Google Maps / Waze / etc.)

      • Works in an extremely authentic way for all four modes above


      Best Practice for Ridesharing / Delivery Apps (Uber / Lyft / Grab / Ola / etc)

      Because we do not need to jailbreak your iPhone. Our device and app cannot be detected by any ridesharing apps. But it's against our policy to use it for commercial purpose. We assume no responsibility for any misuse of the product.

        1. First of all, you need go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> [the Ridesharing app you use] >> choose "Allow location access While Using the App" (DO NOT choose "Always")
        2. Before you simulate a location, you have to go offline and completely exit your Ridesharing app in the background. After you have set the location you want, open the Ridesharing and go online again.
        3. You can set a location to pick up passengers/orders (e.g. Airport).
        4. Turn ON the GPS Simulate module in the About tab.
        5. Input the altitude of the destination in the GPS Simulate setting, fetching the sea level from this link.
        6. After you have arrived at the location point you set before, you should stop (unplug) the simulation and use your real location for the journey.
        7. DO NOT teleport your location when Ridesharing is opened or operating at the background.
        8. You have to follow all instructions above to make your location reasonable from the perspective of Ridesharing apps.

        iTeleporter and the companion GPS modifer app are only for personal, non-commercial iOS GPS debugging or testing purpose. You're responsible for all the risks and damages from your actions.

        How to Choose the Best from Different iTeleporter Models?

        We’ve developed five different iTeleporter GPS spoofer models into wired lightning-port series and wireless Bluetooth series.

        Please refer product feature charts below to decide which iTeleporter model is a better choice for you.

        iTeleporter discontinued, now a participant in Double Location affiliate program.

        Please click this button to buy the world's #1 iOS GPS spoofer.

        Make sure to use coupon code "IT" to get $12 off!